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Laser Hot Cutting (LHC)

GLAMACO has been developing a new innovative machine for glass cutting for blown table ware and technical hollow glasses. It is working on the principle of Laser Hot Cutting called LHC. The new machine LHC replaces existing burn off and crack off processing.

  • cutting of many glass types
  • hot end or cold end processing
  • cold end processing: partial annealing
  • shape: round, oval, hexagonal and flat
  • sample: blown table ware and tubes
  • wall thickness 0.5 … 3.0 mm

Advantages of LHC

  • no grinding, no waste water
  • no grinding, no cost for diamond grinding wheels
  • hot end process, no stress in rim left
  • less glass in annealing lehr less energy consumption
  • online measuring system fast quality check
  • thin rim for high quality glasses